A Case For Cheap Watches?



As my cheap Chinese watch collection blew up, I commented to my wife that I needed to get a watch box for them. Currently my more expensive watches, as well as my three, $15 Batman watches, occupy my only watch box. Capable of accommodating only six watches I, very quickly surpassed it’s ability to protect all the watches I now own.

My wife commented that I should save the $35 – $40 that a watch box would cost. Since the watches were cheap, only $3 – $8 each, I didn’t need a watch box; “just throw them in a drawer or something”. Eghads!!! Doesn’t she know me!!?

“just throw them in a drawer or something”
– My Lovely Wife

It occurred to me at that moment that it’s my cheap watches that need the protection! They can’t handle the abuses that the more expensive watches can … or at least SHOULD be able to endure. I spent $950 on a Movado … at that price I expect it to hold up against getting dinged or scratched while sitting in a drawer, but the cheap materials and uncertain craftsmanship of a $2.50 faux-chronograph (a faux-nograph?) with decorative sub-dials can’t handle that kind of a beating!


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