Watch of the Day – June 2, 2016

Woke up feeling extra-cas (casual) this morning. And you know what that feeling means? Yep you guessed it … call out sick from work!!

Instead, I leaned on one of my work horse watches. One of my wife’s favorites (and mine), the Valia 8272-2. One of the first cheap Chinese watches I ever bought, this canvas clad beauty goes with almost everything in my closet.

While I probably prefer, aesthetically speaking, the more formal watches, the Valia 8272-2 suits my style of dress more than anything else. This goes with everything not-polyester. Jeans, cargo-shorts, tee-shirts and hoodies are my “go-to” fashion fair and this baby runs stride for stride with all of it.



End of Day Report

So the sun concludes it’s time here in North America by dipping softly below the horizon. It moves on to brighten a new day over the watch manufacturers in China, beginning production on more watches for me to buy!! Thank you sun!

It was another two thumbs up day for the Valia 8272-2. It performed above reproach for yet another busy and hard day of software development. And if you spend any amount of time on a computer keyboard you know the kind of workout a watch can get!!

Have a great evening … I gotta get busy picking out my watch for tomorrow … now … what have I got that goes with a bright orange  Speedo … hmmmm …


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