Watch of the Day – June 3, 2016

Last night was a tough night. That orange Speedo cut off the circulation to my legs and I spent the better part of the evening like a Weeble pining away at the bottom of the stairs waiting for feeling to return so that I could join my uber-sexy wife in the boudoir. Which was itself a moot point since there is very little a man can do when there isn’t enough blood below your waist to feel your legs much less inflate your … -cough cough- … aaaaanyway …  the point is, I’m going to dress a little more conservatively today than I had originally planned. I suppose it’s Friday, which means status reports and project meetings, something a little more formal is probably in order anyway. Friday formal can mean only one thing though!! What? No … not that … weirdo … I am referring to Bei Nuo 6470G of course!! My absolute favorite, under $10 watch in my collection!

BeiNuo Simplicity

Runway ready!

When I wear Bei Nuo “Simplicity” I feel like I make about $1 million more than I actually do. My Nissan Altima transforms into a Maybach; my wife and children refer to me as “Your Eminence” and I do not respond to colleagues at work, unless they address me first by saying “pardon me … siiiir“. The Bei Nuo 6470G has all that “posh” wound up within it. Only the ultra-confident and most desirable men can sport this level of SHAZAM! This is a heavier watch than most of my other cheap Chinese watches, so it serves additional duties in beating back women. I mean … we’re at work, so we gotta keep it professional … right?

Bei nuo Simplicity

Already telling me I’m late for work!!

Anyway, I had better get going. If it gets too bad today I may have to come home early … again …

End of Day Report

Holy cow!! I will never wear this watch on a Friday again!! I ended up working late … 2 hours late!!! Clearly my boss couldn’t get enough of looking at the watch. I know I was being kept late because they couldn’t stand to let this watch out their site!! Oh sure they’ll tell you it’s because the reports from last week still weren’t done … but how dumb do I look!? I know when I’m being reduced to eye-candy!! Pigs! Get your own damn watch!!!

Anyway … tomorrow is the weekend. There must be something special going on for the weekend … I’ll rummage around a while. We’ll see what crops up. Have a good night!!


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