Watch of the Day – June 6, 2016

Yesterday I woke up just in time for Game of Thrones (as promised) and retired just as quickly (but do you think Sansa is really going to go to Littlefinger for help?). Today however, I’m still half in the bag and sleepy as Hell.

That’s all in the past though. For today I’ll be pairing my blue collared shirt and eggshell cargo shorts with my business casual Yazole 298 on brown alligator strap! This will be a first for the little champ. I have yet to take him out yet. Sure, a few test circuits around the house; the wife and kids have seen him, but so far unseen by the public. This will be his “coming out”. We’ll soft land him in a work scenario. No meetings planned so it’ll be just us in my cube and the occasional visitor swinging by to nag me about something I did wrong.

Yazole 298

Yazole 298

If he performs well he may earn a trial spot on the varsity team … those timepieces approved for exposure at my family get-togethers. Those gatherings where everyone who “loves you” sit in judgment of the way you dress, your kids behavior, your wife’s cleavage, the way you eat your food, you’re career, whether you’re as successful as your younger sister, and yeah … even your watch. I believe that this guys’ got some real potential with the family. Hoping he’ll rank better than my job did. Baby steps! We’ll see how work goes today first!


Time to tell time!

End of Day Report



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