Watch of the Day – June 7, 2016

I squeaked by on the strength of my Yazole 298 yesterday but Tuesday is full-on project warfare with meetings, explanations and everyone wanting you to describe what you’ve been doing for the past week …  Some times it’s easier to simply not be found, but I don’t want to waste a vacation day avoiding accountability …


… it’s time to consider blending in. Be there without being there … a khaki shirt and camouflage cargo shorts will help me to meld in so completely with the cube environment no one will know I was even in the meeting until it’s over and too late to ask questions!! Therefore I will be relying on my XINew Military watch in order to make sure I don’t arrive early and am able to sneak out undetected in a timely manner .


Covert operations are about to begin in T-minus 30 minutes-ish


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