Review: BeiNuo 6470G

Introducing what is probably my favorite watch in my collection to date; the BeiNuo 6470G. Sharing the top spot with my Movado Elrio the BeiNuo 6470G has as much class and style … in my opinion … as any higher priced watch. Sure it lacks pedigree, quality materials, or even working sub-dials … but it’s a gorgeous timepiece. It also comes in a variety of colors and straps …

Conclusion & Rating


The one and perhaps only thing that I found disappointing about the BeiNuo 6470G is the same thing I said about the Valia 8601-1 in my review of it. In fact … it’s so the same I’m going to cut and paste it …

… its lack of density; to the case in particular. These are made inexpensively and that’s evident when you compare them to more established and expensive brands. And you don’t have to go to the hundred dollar watches to notice this either. A $40 Timex Expedition at your local WalMart or Target is enough to see for yourself what I am talking about. The BeiNuo 6407G case metal feels thin and the entire body is light in my hand. With such a beautiful watch the concern is how long will it last. I take extra special care though, hoping to keep it alive for as long as possible“.

I believe also that in addition to the case material being somewhat thin, that the case is plated as well, except for the back. It remains to be seen how long the plating will hold up for me. I hope a long time though … this is a gorgeous watch.


I could probably quote a good deal of the Valia 8601-1 review as these watches are nearly neck and neck in comparison. This watch, without the “diamond cut” bezel, however has a smoother, slightly more formal look which it carries throughout the design. But perhaps more interesting to me are the details of the sub-dials. While the Yazoli 271 looked decidedly pasted on, the sub-dials of the Valia 8601-1, with their silver faces, stood out beautifully against the white dial. The sub dials of the BeiNuo  6470G have an almost architectural feel against a shimmery satin white watch dial. The hands of the dials are all positioned in the same upright position, which I mentioned in the Yazole 271 review betrays its faux nature. Somehow, however the BeiNuo 6470G carries this off better than the Yazole 271.

I’m not a particular guy and the subtle details can get lost on me. I only need a watch to do two things, however, and I judge it primarily on those things …

  1. Keep accurate time.I have not had to , after a month’s time reset the time on the BeiNuo 6470G. Being a quartz movement I expect to not have to reset the time very often, and so far the BeiNuo 6470G has delivered admirably.
  2. Look and feel great. The BeiNuo 6470G delivers in spades. The shiny satin finish to the dial face provides a level of bling without being ostentatious or arrogant. The finish even lends a little more of a “techno” feel to it. This is a stunning and comfortable watch.


Would I recommend this to a friend? Without question. This is a good watch, a GREAT watch, in fact for under $10. I would argue that this watch could fetch near the $15 – $20 mark. I would never pay that much because I know that I don’t have to, but if I had seen it in a store front and didn’t know I could get it for $5 I would not hesitate to drop the $20 on it. If you like the style, which is personal and I can offer no guidance on, but if you like the look and the styling and are willing to care for it, I do not think you would regret the purchase.

Interested in further “deets”? Feel free to continue reading to get additional thoughts and feedback of my experience with the BeiNuo 6470G.


Brand: BeiNuo
Style: Busines/Formal
Movement Type:  Quartz
Case Shape:  Round
Case Material Alloy*
Functions: Decorative Sub Dials
Crystal Material: Glass
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Display Type: Analog
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Band Material: Leather*
Water Resistance: 30M**

 * Not exactly sure what “alloy” means
** Safe for washing hands and getting caught in the rain. No Showering or swimming.


Measurement Mfg BG**
Case Diameter: 43 mm 41 mm
Case Thickness: 10 mm  11 mm
Lug2Lug:  44 mm
Band Width:  – 22 mm
Band Length*: 25.3 cm  25.5 cm

* Band length includes case and buckle
** Bourghetto Gentry Measurements

Transaction Details

Seller Name: AliExpress/Time Flies Store
Date Purchased:  May 16, 2016
Date Delivered:  May 26, 2016
Purchase Price:  $6.71 USD
Shipping Cost:  53¢

Ordering & Delivery

This was my first order from AliExpress and my third from China and it seemes, that so far my fears have been misplaced. I am sure that something will happen eventually but … you can say that about almost anything.


The package arrived after only 10 days, which seems to be the emerging average wait time for China packages. I will wait to see how a couple more orders go before I count on it, but 10 days is pretty good. Particularly when their web site quotes between 5-30 days! Talk about a window of opportunity!

Regardless, the watch arrived in excellent condition. It was wrapped in a manila bubble mailer and the watch itself was enclosed in a sleeve and wrapped tightly in more bubble wrap. Not exactly paying for fancy packaging … and we definitely didn’t get it. That’s ok though, because when I opened it it radiated a light of it’s own!! Well … maybe not literally but I loved this watch the moment I laid eyes on it.

Examining the Watch

Unlike most of my other purchased this was ordered and arrived individually. So there was no distraction. As soon as I opened the package, the watch was on my wrist.


The crystal is, I am pretty sure, regular glass. As such, the crystal when viewed from the edge has a light cyan tint to it. It provides a clear and undistorted view of the dial which of course, is the most important thing.BeiNuo_6479G_Strap_01_Banner_web

The top is absolutely flat and raised just a hair from the edge of the case. This was  was new for me. This was the first watch I have ever seen with a perfectly flat crystal. I had always assumed that all watches had a slightly domed crystal. Nope … they do not.

Straps and Buckle

The strap that shipped with this was actually pretty nice. It’s a black alligator pattern with a matte finish and the seller site claims that is it is leather. In my experience, however,  real leather is typically branded as “genuine leather”, which this is not. So it’s probably more likely PU leather. Regardless it’s very nice. I personally prefer the matte finish over a high sheen/glossy finish as it’s a touch more casual. It has a little thickness to it, which is a nice look. The interior of the strap is soft and reasonably comfortable.

The buckle is your typical pin buckle. Silver and unbranded, it does the job. While the metal of the buckle feels a bit chintzy, the buckle itself feels sturdy in position and while I wouldn’t yank on it too hard you don’t have to coddle it too much either.


The case of this watch suffers the same ailment that all Chinese watches seem to suffer from … “thin metal-itis” (yeah … I just made that up). I will have to say though that I have found this case to be slightly, not a lot, but slightly more substantial than most of the other Chinese watches I have purchased.



While the seller’s description suggest that the case is stainless steel, I am pretty certain they are referring to the back cover only, which sits against the wrist. The rest I am pretty sure is plated. This is not a plus but not a surprise either. The finish on the watch is well done and looks good.


Water Resistant

The back of the watch suggests that it’s water resistant and the seller states that the BeiNuo 6470G is is resistant up to 30M … which means if you get it wet while washing your hands after using the rest room or get caught in a rain shower between the car and the office you should be fine. No showering or swimming though … I mean, yes you should shower … just not with the watch on.



Date Window

The BeiNuo  6470G sports the traditional date window and keeps it in its traditional 3 o’clock location! Trimmed in silver the round date window is seemingly strategically offset in an unused sub-dial location, accompanied by the brand name and “quartz” declaration.



The watch is not really a “chronograph” style since it has no additional pusher buttons with which you would activate the stopwatch, but it does have the “Tachymeter” scale around the perimeter of the dial. The three sub-dials are non-functional but are applied in such detail that you would not be surprised to see them begin to move. There is even a hint of a circular guilloche-ish pattern in each. Nice detail …


l love this watch! It performs the two  most critical functions I expect from a watch … it looks great and keeps accurate time. Although my goal is to keep these watches for as long as possible, if I can get 6-12 months of use out of it, at this price I would consider it a resounding success. Provided they survive the shipping process and that you keep your expectations commensurate with the price point I do not believe that you’ll be disappointed with this purchase.



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