Review: Valia 8272-2

The Valia 8272-2 was among the first shipment of cheap Chinese watches I received. It has since become something of my “go-to” watch as it goes with more of my wardrobe that any of my other watches. I am a hoodie, cargo shorts and Sketchers kind of guy and this wristwatch is the perfect level of casual for me.


Conclusion & Rating


The biggest beef I have with this watch is the dial design. While it definitely has the “cool” factor, the problem is that I can sometimes lose the second, minute and hour hands in the cross-over detail. Perhaps it’s just me but the crossing pattern is so pronounced it diverts a bit from the readability. It’s not like you can’t find the hands though. I just need to re-adjust my eyes and there they are.

Another issue I have is that it’s billed as a leather and canvas strap. I don’t know whether the leather is genuine or not but the canvas does not appear to be actual canvas as much as a sort of batting or a thin, almost Styrofoam-like material veneered with a canvas texture. Not a huge issue but noticeable in my mind.


As I mentioned before, this watch, in the colors I have chosen has become my daily go-to as it goes with almost everything I own. I wouldn’t wear it to a funeral or a wedding or anything but it seems to be the universal “casual watch”.

I love the case on this watch as well; perhaps my favorite thing in fact. I love that it’s not a plated, shiny chrome case. It has a more metallic, flat finish to it which I really like.

I’m not a particular guy and the subtle details can get lost on me. I only need a watch to do two things, however, and I judge it primarily on those things …

  1. Keep accurate time. I have not had to, after two month’s time reset the time on the Valia 8272-2. That, for me qualifies as accurate time.
  2. Look and feel great. The Valia 8272-2 pulls through. It’s comfortable and casual and goes with everything in my closet.


Would I recommend this to a friend? Definitely. It’s cool looking, durable (so far) and at $4.87USD is a great value for the money.

Interested in further “deets”? Feel free to continue reading to get additional thoughts and feedback of my experience with the Valia 8272-2.


Brand: Valia
Style: Casual
Movement Type:  Quartz
Case Shape:  Round
Case Material Stainless Steel
Functions: Decorative Sub Dials
Crystal Material: Glass
Display Type: Analog
Clasp Type: Pin Buckle
Band Material: Leather/Canvas*
Water Resistance: N/A**

 * Unable to validate seller claims
** See more in the features section below


Measurement Mfg BG**
Case Diameter: 42 mm 43 mm
Case Thickness: 10 mm  11 mm
Lug2Lug:  48 mm
Band Width:  – 21 mm
Band Length*: 25 cm  25.5 cm

* Band length includes case and buckle
** Bourghetto Gentry Measurements

Transaction Details

Seller Name: GearBest.Com
Date Purchased:  April 20, 2016
Date Delivered:  May 2, 2016
Purchase Price:  $5.79 USD
Shipping Cost:  FREE

Ordering & Delivery

After all the horror stories and negative reviews I had read about buying Chinese products online, I was anxious and, if I’m being honest, I had not really expected to  receive anything at all, or if I did, whatever I received would arrive after many months of waiting and would be delivered in pieces.  My first experience at could not have been more opposite.


The package arrived after about two and a half weeks from placing the order. Considering it was sent from clear on the other side of the world, this seems like a pretty reasonable wait time.  The six watches I ordered were packaged together; wrapped generously in bubble-wrap and tucked (maybe a little stuffed) into a cardboard box. I felt like the packaging was adequate. The cardboard box was unexpected. Most of the reviews I had seen or read indicated that they would simply be shipped in an bubble wrap envelope, so the box was a pleasant reassurance. There were no gift boxes or anything of course, just the watches. Each watch was in a an individual plastic sleeve and wrapped in bubble-wrap. So while the packaging was less than inspiring, it did the job of keeping my treasures safe, and keeping in mind the price I paid this was not an issue


Examining the Watch

My Valia 8272-2 was accompanied by 5 other watches, but stood immediately out. My wife was partial to the casual style versus the more business casual and formal nature of the others. It has, because of the coloring and material, an almost nautical feel to it.


The crystal is, I am pretty sure, regular glass and as such, when viewed from the edge, has a light cyan tint to it. It provides a clear and undistorted view of the dial which of course, is the most important thing.


The top is absolutely flat and raised just a hair from the edge of the case with a beveled edge.

Straps and Buckle

The strap is described as “canvas and leather” in the description. Both of which I think might be a little generous. Not that the strap is bad, in fact the “leather” part of the strap is quite comfortable. I question it’s authenticity however as it’s not stamped with a “genuine leather” stamp which I would expect to find on … you know … genuine leather

The”canvas” part of the strap appears to be more of a batting layer or some sort of foam-like material with a canvas texture applied to it.


This certainly does not detract from the functionality and the look is actually quite nice and acceptable. In fact, the canvas texture contributes to the “nautical” feeling of the timepiece. So in that regard, I personally find it quite welcome.

The buckle is a little flimsy as are the buckles on most of these cheap Chinese watches, but it does perform its job and does so attractively. As with my other watches, I try to be careful in how I tighten and loosen the buckle. Pulling and yanking on it like I would most pin buckles, like a belt or other higher quality watches, is dangerous. I have popped the pins on a watch band already doing it that way so have learned to take more care..


The finish on the case of this watch is probably my favorite of all my cheap Chinese watches. It is not a shiny, plated looking chrome. It’s not a nice brushed finish either, which would have been ideal. Instead it’s more like a metallic auto paint with bits of metal baked into the coating. But it gives it a less chintzy feel.


This case also seems to feel slightly more “substantial” than many of the other cases. I am not sure what this is due to, but the watch feels as though it has a little more weight to it. At this time I do not have a scale to measure this on but it wears that way.


Water Resistant

The back of the watch suggests that it’s water resistant but Gearbest makes no mention of it in their description. This is not a feature of my watches I am typically inclined to test at this time as it would potentially involve destroying the watch … and generally I really like these watches. Perhaps if I run across one I don’t like I’ll take it back to the swimming pool!

What this means for the Valia 8272-2 however is that I have no measurement of what exactly it’s water resistance level is. I would assume that is rated since the case back clearly states it. I would also assume since it’s not called out in the description, that it’s probably rated for the least possible rating … I believe that that is 30 meters. This is good enough for getting a little water on it while washing your hands or running through the rain to your car.


The Valia 8272-2, like most of my watch purchases sports what I refer to as a “fauxnograph”; a faux chronograph. The additional sub-dials are present but are non-functional and are purely for decoration. At $5 this is a pretty reasonable expectation. And the Valia 8272-2 pulls off a set of fairly believable sub-dials here as well. The detailed indices in the tachymeter around the outer edge of the dial add interest and authenticity to the illusion as well.


Even within the sub-dials you’ll see small concentric circles “engraved” into the face. BeiNuo 6470G does something similar and it’s a great effect on both.



Like most all my cheap Chinese watches you cannot beat the value. We often spend $5 on things that we throw away or never even really enjoy. This watch delivers so much more than $5 of enjoyment and functionality it’s not even funny. I wear mine quite often and is the workhorse in my stable of watches.

It’s an excellent watch that I would not hesitate to recommend. I could see paying $15 for this watch although I would not have to. It’s readily available for around the $5 price from a number of retailer.



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