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BGG_AboutUs_Banner_sm_02aI have always enjoyed the aesthetic of anything intricate or vintage. And if the two were merged together then even better. Steampunk, currency design, and timepieces are among my favorite. I have a 1902 Sears and Roebuck “catalog” filled with vintage woodcuts of their products; it’s so cool. One of the special appeals to this catalog is its tie to history. It describes and literally illustrates the lifestyle of a by-gone era.

While the focus of my interests have been consistent, I have never taken the time to fully indulge and really learn about any single one them. My limited time restricts me more to things I need to understand rather than things I want to understand. Bourghetto Gentry is simply the documentation of a journey to learn about one of my interests and transform it from a pastime into a passion .. hopefully with a little irreverent fun mixed in. For that journey I chose watches

Ironically … when it comes to finding information on the internet, high priced timepieces appear to be a dime a dozen. Even the products offered on ReallyCheapWatches, with the exception of a few digital watches that look like something from the 80’s, begin around the $50 range and go up from there. That’s not really cheap.

Bourghetto Gentry will strive to provide information that no one else seems to be providing. We will explore, learn about and review the world of watches that are not only really cheap (under $25) but also deliver a more sophisticated look than many higher priced watches.

Maybe you ‘re a variety kind of guy or gal. You’d rather have a wider selection of designs that you can choose from rather than just a few highly priced timepieces. Cheap Chinese watches could be just the answer.

Perhaps they will simply whet your appetite for more established and sophisticated brands and be nothing more that a way-station on your own journey to prestigious sophistication.

There will likely be those that look down on Bourghetto Gentry for it’s rather low-brow focus, and that’s OK. The truth be told … one of the major goals of this project is to capture the interest of folks who may not otherwise have given watches a second glance or consideration. Get them to stop for a second and  maybe find something to be interested in. Maybe even purchase a piece of their own … a cheap one … a daily work horse … or even an heirloom quality watch. To that end, I believe that all our goals are the same; to share and spread our appreciation and love for that artistry of timepieces.

Regardless or your perspective however, it should be about having fun and taking … time … to do something for yourself.


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Aldridge Wallace Abernathy