Panerai Homage Watches …

Update 06/14/2016

After nearly a week of waiting to see any movement in the package tracking all of a sudden it appears that it’s in town waiting to be delivered! I am expecting to receive these today!!


Update 06/07/2016

Less than 24 hours later my watches have shipped!! Gearbest even included a photo of the package to the tracking information! The package is unimpressive but it’s nice to know that something is coming. Hope it gets here in one piece! Well … two … I ordered two watches so I am hoping for two pieces …



Initial Post 06/06/2016

I was never a big fan of the Panerai “cushion” styled timepieces until I began to read up on the Parnis for a small paragraph I wrote on homage watches, and they started to grow on me. After only a couple of days of looking at them I just had to have one!!

Of course,  I can’t afford a $150 Parnis anymore than I can afford an authentic $7000 Panerai but I found a pair of Megir watches on that shared very similar design queues. I don’t think they were attempting to hide the similarities, on the contrary I think it’s exactly what they were shooting for. Regardless, lucky me,  they also came in under my $25 “really cheap watch” price guideline … win/win …  so I bought the pair! The Megir 3009 on the left (below) and the Megir 3778 on the right (below). I think that they look fantastic. I have concerns over the quality of the straps as I have been disappointed by several straps so far but if the mechanism is well built and worth it I may drop another $15-$20 and get some nicer straps.


I placed the order on June 7th and they shipped the next day!!! Now I am sit here refreshing the shipping tracking information as if expecting an Indiana Jones travel sequence to appear on the screen so that I can follow the ever progressing movement of my pair of Megir watches …


I will post photos and first impressions when they arrive! Holy crap … I can’t wait!!