Watch of the Day – May 31, 2016

Today I’ll be wearing my Swidu SWI-001. Niiiice … It just sounds so Swiss you have to believe that it is … SWEEEEDUUU … makes me want a ham and cheese sandwich just thinking about it!!

End of Day Report

AdobePhotoshopExpress_974c16bd0f76495ab4670affe2e4a378Well the Swidu SWI-001 made it through the day without a hitch. It was a hot day too so it endured some sweating. I always worry about moisture getting into the dial/crystal compartment, but so far all is dry. I removed the watch when I arrived home to be sure I didn’t push my luck … Really like the way this watch makes my petite little wrists looks … wish it could help with “out of memory” issues in software though.

Here’s a really bad photo taken with my phone of the watch in action, all tellin’ time and stuff … (I was on lunch break so it was OK) … I love the calendar function displaying the three days; yesterday, today and tomorrow. So much sexier than just today. Heh heh … I realize now that I have the wrong day set … well now … isn’t that embarrassing.