Review: Valia 8272-2

The Valia 8272-2 was among the first shipment of cheap Chinese watches I received. It has since become something of my “go-to” watch as it goes with more of my wardrobe that any of my other watches. I am a hoodie, cargo shorts and Sketchers kind of guy and this wristwatch is the perfect level of casual for me.


Conclusion & Rating


The biggest beef I have with this watch is the dial design. While it definitely has the “cool” factor, the problem is that I can sometimes lose the second, minute and hour hands in the cross-over detail. Perhaps it’s just me but the crossing pattern is so pronounced it diverts a bit from the readability. It’s not like you can’t find the hands though. I just need to re-adjust my eyes and there they are.

Another issue I have is that it’s billed as a leather and canvas strap. I don’t know whether the leather is genuine or not but the canvas does not appear to be actual canvas as much as a sort of batting or a thin, almost Styrofoam-like material veneered with a canvas texture. Not a huge issue but noticeable in my mind.


As I mentioned before, this watch, in the colors I have chosen has become my daily go-to as it goes with almost everything I own. I wouldn’t wear it to a funeral or a wedding or anything but it seems to be the universal “casual watch”.

I love the case on this watch as well; perhaps my favorite thing in fact. I love that it’s not a plated, shiny chrome case. It has a more metallic, flat finish to it which I really like.

I’m not a particular guy and the subtle details can get lost on me. I only need a watch to do two things, however, and I judge it primarily on those things …

  1. Keep accurate time. I have not had to, after two month’s time reset the time on the Valia 8272-2. That, for me qualifies as accurate time.
  2. Look and feel great. The Valia 8272-2 pulls through. It’s comfortable and casual and goes with everything in my closet.


Would I recommend this to a friend? Definitely. It’s cool looking, durable (so far) and at $4.87USD is a great value for the money.

Interested in further “deets”? Feel free to continue reading to get additional thoughts and feedback of my experience with the Valia 8272-2.



Watch of the Day – June 2, 2016

Woke up feeling extra-cas (casual) this morning. And you know what that feeling means? Yep you guessed it … call out sick from work!!

Instead, I leaned on one of my work horse watches. One of my wife’s favorites (and mine), the Valia 8272-2. One of the first cheap Chinese watches I ever bought, this canvas clad beauty goes with almost everything in my closet.

While I probably prefer, aesthetically speaking, the more formal watches, the Valia 8272-2 suits my style of dress more than anything else. This goes with everything not-polyester. Jeans, cargo-shorts, tee-shirts and hoodies are my “go-to” fashion fair and this baby runs stride for stride with all of it.



End of Day Report

So the sun concludes it’s time here in North America by dipping softly below the horizon. It moves on to brighten a new day over the watch manufacturers in China, beginning production on more watches for me to buy!! Thank you sun!

It was another two thumbs up day for the Valia 8272-2. It performed above reproach for yet another busy and hard day of software development. And if you spend any amount of time on a computer keyboard you know the kind of workout a watch can get!!

Have a great evening … I gotta get busy picking out my watch for tomorrow … now … what have I got that goes with a bright orange  Speedo … hmmmm …

Review: Valia 8601-1

I thought I would kick off my watch reviews with one of my favorite acquisitions so far:  the Valia 8601-1. Available in a variety of face and watchband combinations you can cover nearly any occasion with the Valia 8601-1.

I have yet to understand exactly what the relationship is between the brand name on the watch and the actual manufacturer of the piece, but Valia has their name on a handful of watch designs that I enjoy considerably.

Conclusion & Rating


The one and perhaps only thing that I found disappointing about the Valia 8601-1, and honestly nearly all the cheap Chinese watches I’ve seen, is its lack of density; to the case in particular. These are made inexpensively and that’s evident when you compare them to more established and expensive brands. And you don’t have to go to the hundred dollar watches to notice this either. A $40 Timex Expedition at your local WalMart or Target is enough to see for yourself what I am talking about. The Valia 8601-1 case metal feels thin and the entire body is light in my hand. With such a beautiful watch the concern is how long will it last. I take extra special care though, hoping to keep it alive for as long as possible.


That being said this is my second most favorite watch in my cheap Chinese watch collection … and probably sits among the top 5 of all my current watches; ranking above a $180 James Bond Swatch and shares space with a $1000 Movado Elrio. How could such a cheap watch rank so high?

I’m not a particular guy and the subtle details can get lost on me. I only need a watch to do two things and I judge it on those things …

  1. Keep accurate time.The Valia 8601-1 has, after a month, kept perfect time. It’s a quartz so I expect a high level of reliability from it.
  2. Look and feel great. The Valia 8601-1 does that best of all. It’s sophisticated and refined looking. The sub-dials look like they might actually work and even though the buttons don’t even depress, you’d have to push one to figure it out. This watch LOOKS like everything it’s not. It’s not a fake … it doesn’t presume to be someone it’s not, but while the details and complications of the watch may be decorative and non-functional they are executed convincingly. I also maintain, that at least for most of us … we don’t really use all those buttons anyway.


Would I recommend this to a friend? Without question. This is a good watch, a GREAT watch, in fact for under $5. I would argue that this watch could fetch near the $10 – $12 mark. I would never pay that much because I know that I don’t have to, but if I had seen it in a store front and didn’t know I could get it for $5 I would not hesitate to drop the $12 on it. If you like the style, which is personal and I can offer no guidance on, but if you like the look and the styling and are willing to care for it, I do not think you would regret the purchase.

Interested in further “deets”? Feel free to continue reading to get additional thoughts and feedback of my experience with the Valia 8601-1