Watch of The Day – June 11, 2016

I packed up my teenage daughters today and we went on a short road trip to visit my sister who lives near the beach here … here, where I live.

I was rocking flea market fashion wearing gray camouflage cargo shorts, a black/grey sweatshirt, plain black baseball cap and of course my dollar store sunglasses. Wrapping up the ensemble was a black banded Geneve W5583 quartz “fauxnograph“. This wristwatch was a bit of a surprise for me. It initially struck me as a near duplicate of the Yazole 271 and while it’s arguably very similar looking, I was surprised at how much different it “wore” on my wrist. Partly due to the watch but I was particularly surprised at how comfortable the strap was.

It was bit of a dismal day, a cold drizzle pretty much all afternoon. As such it didn’t endure crazy summer heat nor sweaty wrists or anything. And although we walked along the beach and it’s possible that a random rain drop or two may have found its way onto the crystal, nothing happened that would have tested its “water resistance”. All in all however I was quite pleased and look forward to another day with my Geneve W5583.



Watch of the Day – June 9, 2016

Livin’ Large bee-atches!! Your know you’re a real baller when you are wearing a watch that’s bigger than your wrist!! The V6 Super Speed V0270 measures in at my wrist’s maximum capacity of 49mm (I know … I have little girl wrists).

If my day is as large as my watch it should be a good one.

Watch of the Day – June 8, 2016



I’m in a mood today I think, and I’ll need a watch that will keep up. I pulled out the Curren M8139 mostly because it looked like the kind of watch I would wear while riding a camel … I began to wonder where I would find a camel … yeah … very distracted today. This could be an interesting day.

End of Day Report

Got into work about 20 minutes late, left an hour early and spent about 3 hours in the can. I love that you actually get paid to poop!!  My boss didn’t seem particularly amused, particularly when I called him from my cell phone and asked if he could bring me my lunch; it looked like I would be there a while. He refused … but then when I had the pizza delivered he lost it … oh well. It may be a while before I wear the Curren M8139 to work again. Apparently it makes me bad.



Watch of the Day – June 7, 2016

I squeaked by on the strength of my Yazole 298 yesterday but Tuesday is full-on project warfare with meetings, explanations and everyone wanting you to describe what you’ve been doing for the past week …  Some times it’s easier to simply not be found, but I don’t want to waste a vacation day avoiding accountability …


… it’s time to consider blending in. Be there without being there … a khaki shirt and camouflage cargo shorts will help me to meld in so completely with the cube environment no one will know I was even in the meeting until it’s over and too late to ask questions!! Therefore I will be relying on my XINew Military watch in order to make sure I don’t arrive early and am able to sneak out undetected in a timely manner .


Covert operations are about to begin in T-minus 30 minutes-ish

Watch of the Day – June 6, 2016

Yesterday I woke up just in time for Game of Thrones (as promised) and retired just as quickly (but do you think Sansa is really going to go to Littlefinger for help?). Today however, I’m still half in the bag and sleepy as Hell.

That’s all in the past though. For today I’ll be pairing my blue collared shirt and eggshell cargo shorts with my business casual Yazole 298 on brown alligator strap! This will be a first for the little champ. I have yet to take him out yet. Sure, a few test circuits around the house; the wife and kids have seen him, but so far unseen by the public. This will be his “coming out”. We’ll soft land him in a work scenario. No meetings planned so it’ll be just us in my cube and the occasional visitor swinging by to nag me about something I did wrong.

Yazole 298

Yazole 298

If he performs well he may earn a trial spot on the varsity team … those timepieces approved for exposure at my family get-togethers. Those gatherings where everyone who “loves you” sit in judgment of the way you dress, your kids behavior, your wife’s cleavage, the way you eat your food, you’re career, whether you’re as successful as your younger sister, and yeah … even your watch. I believe that this guys’ got some real potential with the family. Hoping he’ll rank better than my job did. Baby steps! We’ll see how work goes today first!


Time to tell time!

End of Day Report


Watch of the Day – June 4, 2016

Something special planned for the weekend? My trophy wife has assembled a “honey-do” list for me, so it’s hard labor this weekend. Air conditioners, landscaping, fixing light fixtures, disposing of lawn mowers and grills!! Uggg … I want to go back to bed. I need some extra support to get through the day. I have just the thing!! My Accutime BAT9225WM bat signal watch will get me though my first Honey-do day of the weekend (it’s shaping up to be a chore-filled couple of days).

The sheer magnificence of the dazzling yellow Bat Signal will likely attract several neighborhood goombah’s who just want to be near it. They will fumble over themselves to do all the heavy lifting of the AC units and the lawn mowers, like I was a mid-twenties supermodel who was into middle-aged, thick-necked Italians.

Accutime BAT9225WM Action SHiot

Broadcasting the Signal


Once the Bat-beam fades from their eyes, however and they are left staring at me … a nearing 50 year old, partially Swedish dude … I’ll probably get my ass kicked and then they will leave … small price to pay for getting out of chores though!!


End of Day Report

Holy cow! My honey-do list nearly killed me, but my Accutime BAT9225WM pulled me through the fray. OK … no thick-necked Italian “Goombah’s” bailed me out, clearly there was a pasta and/or pizza festival going on somewhere … but I didn’t get my ass kicked either (not literally) so there’s a plus! The watch performed as well as could be expected in an obviously deserted neighborhood. The work got done … and I’m probably gonna have sex tonight … thank you Batman!!

I think I am going to just sleep through tomorrow … yeah … the whole day (except for Game of Thrones – gonna wake up for that).



Watch of the Day – June 3, 2016

Last night was a tough night. That orange Speedo cut off the circulation to my legs and I spent the better part of the evening like a Weeble pining away at the bottom of the stairs waiting for feeling to return so that I could join my uber-sexy wife in the boudoir. Which was itself a moot point since there is very little a man can do when there isn’t enough blood below your waist to feel your legs much less inflate your … -cough cough- … aaaaanyway …  the point is, I’m going to dress a little more conservatively today than I had originally planned. I suppose it’s Friday, which means status reports and project meetings, something a little more formal is probably in order anyway. Friday formal can mean only one thing though!! What? No … not that … weirdo … I am referring to Bei Nuo 6470G of course!! My absolute favorite, under $10 watch in my collection!

BeiNuo Simplicity

Runway ready!

When I wear Bei Nuo “Simplicity” I feel like I make about $1 million more than I actually do. My Nissan Altima transforms into a Maybach; my wife and children refer to me as “Your Eminence” and I do not respond to colleagues at work, unless they address me first by saying “pardon me … siiiir“. The Bei Nuo 6470G has all that “posh” wound up within it. Only the ultra-confident and most desirable men can sport this level of SHAZAM! This is a heavier watch than most of my other cheap Chinese watches, so it serves additional duties in beating back women. I mean … we’re at work, so we gotta keep it professional … right?

Bei nuo Simplicity

Already telling me I’m late for work!!

Anyway, I had better get going. If it gets too bad today I may have to come home early … again …

End of Day Report

Holy cow!! I will never wear this watch on a Friday again!! I ended up working late … 2 hours late!!! Clearly my boss couldn’t get enough of looking at the watch. I know I was being kept late because they couldn’t stand to let this watch out their site!! Oh sure they’ll tell you it’s because the reports from last week still weren’t done … but how dumb do I look!? I know when I’m being reduced to eye-candy!! Pigs! Get your own damn watch!!!

Anyway … tomorrow is the weekend. There must be something special going on for the weekend … I’ll rummage around a while. We’ll see what crops up. Have a good night!!