Watch of the Day – June 4, 2016

Something special planned for the weekend? My trophy wife has assembled a “honey-do” list for me, so it’s hard labor this weekend. Air conditioners, landscaping, fixing light fixtures, disposing of lawn mowers and grills!! Uggg … I want to go back to bed. I need some extra support to get through the day. I have just the thing!! My Accutime BAT9225WM bat signal watch will get me though my first Honey-do day of the weekend (it’s shaping up to be a chore-filled couple of days).

The sheer magnificence of the dazzling yellow Bat Signal will likely attract several neighborhood goombah’s who just want to be near it. They will fumble over themselves to do all the heavy lifting of the AC units and the lawn mowers, like I was a mid-twenties supermodel who was into middle-aged, thick-necked Italians.

Accutime BAT9225WM Action SHiot

Broadcasting the Signal


Once the Bat-beam fades from their eyes, however and they are left staring at me … a nearing 50 year old, partially Swedish dude … I’ll probably get my ass kicked and then they will leave … small price to pay for getting out of chores though!!


End of Day Report

Holy cow! My honey-do list nearly killed me, but my Accutime BAT9225WM pulled me through the fray. OK … no thick-necked Italian “Goombah’s” bailed me out, clearly there was a pasta and/or pizza festival going on somewhere … but I didn’t get my ass kicked either (not literally) so there’s a plus! The watch performed as well as could be expected in an obviously deserted neighborhood. The work got done … and I’m probably gonna have sex tonight … thank you Batman!!

I think I am going to just sleep through tomorrow … yeah … the whole day (except for Game of Thrones – gonna wake up for that).




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