Watch of the Day – June 8, 2016



I’m in a mood today I think, and I’ll need a watch that will keep up. I pulled out the Curren M8139 mostly because it looked like the kind of watch I would wear while riding a camel … I began to wonder where I would find a camel … yeah … very distracted today. This could be an interesting day.

End of Day Report

Got into work about 20 minutes late, left an hour early and spent about 3 hours in the can. I love that you actually get paid to poop!!  My boss didn’t seem particularly amused, particularly when I called him from my cell phone and asked if he could bring me my lunch; it looked like I would be there a while. He refused … but then when I had the pizza delivered he lost it … oh well. It may be a while before I wear the Curren M8139 to work again. Apparently it makes me bad.




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